Say hello to the Pointr Pro Web App

Discover your team's cultural DNA. Invite new and existing team members to create a Pointr Profile. Share what matters to you and discover what matters to your teammates. 

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Invite teammates to create a Pointr Profile

Your Pointr Profile will highlight all the things that make you YOU. Share your passions, pursuits, and interests. Go through the question flow, but don't worry, there are NO right answers.  

Managers and People Leaders can send invites to new colleagues, potential hires, or even clients.


Show--not--tell that you're interested in getting to know who's on your team.

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Explore traits, attributes and interests

Build connections that go beyond the role.

Search through your workspace by keyword, role, passions and more.


What's something your colleague is trying to learn? What's their area of expertise? What environments do they thrive in? What's their favorite way to spend the weekend?

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Organize, customize, analyze

Create playlists of people by team, geography, or similar pursuits and goals.

Ponitr is customizable. Create your own questions to get to know any group.

Get actionable, advanced analytics about your team. Understand how they think and tap into their skills to help them thrive.