We're Pointr

We’re a team of explorers making work a kinder place. One where we create meaning for each other and work together more purposefully.


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Create a Pointr Profile and share what matters to you. Invite your teammates and get to know who you're working with. Onboard new hires faster in today's hybrid environment.

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Pointr lives where you work. Get the richness of Pointr Pro through Slack and start playing with your team today. 

Real Results with Pointr

Efficiently explore unique insights about your team.

Actualize belonging, colleague to colleague.


Viewed the company brand more postitvely


 Believed there was a better base for camaraderie and trust


Felt that their managers understood them better

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People Love Pointr

"Pointr is like five hours of deep conversation in five minutes"

SVP Global Awards and Recognition


Who's this for?

Team leaders who want to activate inclusion of new hires on distributed teams and Chief People Officers who know that belonging is key to retention.

Where can I find Pointr?

For access to Pointr Pro, contact us to create a team account. To play our Slack App, find us in the directory to download today!

Why does my company need it?

To future-proof culture colleague to colleague.

How much does it cost?

Our Slack App is free to all users! Interested in Pointr Pro? Contact us at hello@pointr.co for a demo.