Pointr for Slack - learn by playing!

Take a break and play Pointr's Slack App to get to know your teammates better.


Gamify the habit of interest in others and personalize relationship building.

Pointr's Slack app fully integrates with the Web App!

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Take a Break and Play

In the game, you will answer questions about yourself and share your interests, hobbies and values.


Your responses will create a Pointr Profile.


Learn about yourself, learn about your teammates and get to know them!


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Two Ways to Play

You'll have the option to choose how you want to engage. 


Story Time: Navigate through a choose--your--own--adventure fantasy game and discover things about yourself along the way. A new episode is released each week.


Lightning Round: Want to cut to the chase? Quickly share what matters to you by choosing Lightning Round. 

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Compete and Explore

Earn points for sharing responses and engaging with your team.


After answering a few questions, kick off a who--said--it game to test your knowledge of your colleagues.


Keep an eye on the Leaderboard and battle it out for the title of "Culture Champ."