We're Pointr

We're on a mission to create the most valuable professional network of humans at work to empower the relationship economy.


The Problem with Work

Authenticity is Complicated

It should be easy to be yourself at work, but it's not. Theres a divide between people's real self and work self.

Remote Work is Lonely and Isolating

People joining a company don't know who they're working with. 

Remembering is hard

People manually take notes of what their teams care about, but that information gets lost or forgotten.


Insights about a colleague are shallow and scattered.

Colleagues have to search through multiple platforms to get a person. Even then they don't find the stuff that matters

We've Got it Down to a Science

Personal meaning is made up of three dimensions. None of which is possible without other people.


"I understand my life"

Decode the past and present. Imagine the future.


"I have purpose"

Find what you value.


"I matter"

Share what you value and people will listen.

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People Love Pointr

"Pointr is like five hours of deep conversation in five minutes"

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