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Make friends fast at work

We're a culture building tool for colleagues that care. Know each other better in 5 minutes a week.

The Problem With Work

Authenticity is Complicated

It should be easy to be yourself at work, but it's not.

Remote Work is Lonely and Isolating

People joining a company don't know who they're working with. 

Remembering is Hard

Important details about a colleague are hard to recall.

From early stage startups to Fortune 100 companies, investment banks to creative agencies, teams of all sizes use Pointr to foster a sense of belonging. 

Personalize onboarding

Immerse new hires from day one. Showcase your culture of authenticity.

Tap into diverse thinking 

Promote intellectual and creative risk--taking. Actualize belonging, colleague to colleague.

Build meaningful connections

In the room or in the zoom, equip team members with valuable content about each other.

Boost your hiring team's EQ 

When interviewers have an applicant's Pointr, they efficiently get to know the person behind the resume.

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People Love Pointr

"Pointr is like five hours of deep conversation in five minutes"

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